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E.H.Osgood and Associates

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When it comes to buying a jet aircraft for personal or corporate use, it pays to have someone working with you who has the technical expertise and breadth of experience to help you make a wise choice. Challenger 604 Executive Jet interior

More than 20 years of sales experience with Bombardier, Learjet and Bell Helicopter gives E.H.Osgood & Associates the distinct edge you need. We know the Challenger and Global Express programs inside and out. We also have in-depth knowledge of Gulfstream, Falcon jets and many other competitors.

We know when it makes sense to buy or lease a new aircraft and when a previously owned jet is right for your air transportation needs. And when it comes time to trade in or resell your plane, we can help with that too.

Our service extends well beyond the sale. E.H.Osgood & Associates provides assistance in every facet of the process - from presale inspection, registration and documentation to financing coordination and delivery of your new jet. Trust us to coordinate with the best in the business so your transaction won't get bogged down and you can be airborne as fast as possible.

The Right Connections and Credentials
E.H.Osgood and Associates
  • Ed is Exec. V.P. of Guardian Jet, one of the nation's top brokerage firms
  • Authorized Sales Agent for new Sikorsky aircraft
  • Member of National Business Aircraft AssociationNational Business Aircraft Assoc.
  • Two decades of sales experience with top aerospace companies
  • Commercial pilot's license
  • U.S. Army aviator with combat experience in Vietnam